Friday, June 1, 2012

May - I Clicked It Up A Notch

This month I really clicked it up a notch. First I took advantage of Click In Moms Mother's day special and joined! I also purchased Emma Wood's breakout session on Visualization from Click In Moms. Boy, did it change the way I shoot and edit my b&w! I have fallen in love with them, since gleaning tips on seeing the light and capturing shadows. I've taken so many shots throughout the month that I had a REALLY hard time choosing which was my favorite. I love most all of them.  I'm a sucker for eyelashes, and that is what I love about this photo of my daughter.  Also love the mid-day light streaming in an east window.  I used a black fleece blanket draped over our bookshelves for the background.  Saved me a bit of pp time.   In fact I did so well capturing this shot that the only pp I did was a slight bump on the shadows curve, some sharpening and a bit of vignetting. 

Click It Up A Notch

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