Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Things in the Imperfection

 The Christmas season can be so busy and rushed with all the activities we try and cram in.  I know that has been true for us, especially as the kids get older.  I do my best to keep things calm, but around us things seem to be zooming at full speed.  Add to the outside pressures, my tendency for perfection and things can quickly become stressful.  Over the years God has been teaching me the importance of letting go of the unimportant, material things and savoring the important, eternal things, like relationships. 

When it comes to our Christmas decorating, I've taken a deep breath and stepped back and let my kids take the helm.  I've stifled the urge to micro manage and control the outcome.  I've given them freedom to create and I've been filled with delight as I watch them joyfully prepare and celebrate the excitement of the season. In addition to filling me with delight of their enthusiasm and excitement it has also freed me from having to do "one more thing".   Allowing me to observe and capture all the memories.

Each ornament filled them with delight, as they oohed and aahhd at it's beauty and reminisced with them as old friends. 

They explored and made messes.

The toddler spent most of his time attempting to throw the ornament balls into the tree.  Congratulating himself with a wide armed "tahdah" each time one found a landing place in the tree.  I giggled at his antics and let him be 2!  This is the reason I buy plastic balls.

I loved how they all got along during the process.  There is no room for bickering when your heart is filled with joy.  While my big kids aren't in the photos they too helped in the process.  They decorated the front of the house and the stair rail and mantle.  My oldest set up the tree and strung the lights.  It is all beautifully imperfect.

The front of the house has an unlit section.  The garland on the mantel is uneven.  The garland down the stair rail is a bit overdecorated.  The tree is crooked.  I look at each of these imperfections and smile because of the love and joy that went into the handiwork.

I think about the imperfections in me and how love overlooks them, and only sees the beauty.

And I think to myself what a wonderful life!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bethlehem Walk

Last week we participated in a local church's Bethlehem Walk.  My older kids dressed up and helped running the shops, and present the experience.  My younger kids took advantage of experiencing the experience.  It was fun for us all, even the crazy, mom with a camera shooting with one hand and holding on to the toddler with the other, which explains the lack of composition and all in these images. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Low Light Fun

Just playing around with the glow of our Christmas lights.  May Jesus' love illuminate my life, like the lights illuminate  my little guy's face.