Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm A Mean Mom...

According to my kiddos I've been awarded the "Mean Mom" title because I:

a.  Required them to do their chores
b.  Made them do school work
c.  Filled two large trash bags with crap clutter from their playroom, including my 12 year old dd's fingernail polish, she left out for her younger siblings to paint on my carpet and wall and the 3 board games they purchased at a garage sale with their hard earned $. (In my defense, I did warn them many times to keep them put away properly or I would toss them.)
d.  Said, "No" you can't go to the pool until all your school work and chores are done and the baby finishes his nap.

Hopefully one day, they will thank me, when they realize that despite my meanness, I was attempting to teach them responsibility.  Until then letting them play in the rain in their pjs, should earn me brownie points, right???
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  1. Horrible! Just kidding. I'm the mean mom a lot too. But you did warn them....