Monday, February 25, 2013

Letters To Our Sons - February

Each month I participate in a circle of talented women as we share posts to our sons.  Please follow the link through at the end of this post and visit Miranda as she shares her letter.

Dear Son,

My how the years have flown by.  It seems like only yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting your arrival and now here you are well into your teen years.  I still remember the day you arrived, an unseasonably warm late October day.  I was in early labor and we had walked and walked, but you still weren't quite ready to arrive.  I decided to take a nap and your father who was itching to go  Home Depots Grand Opening left me in the capable hands of the midwife while he ran to get a quick glimpse at the new store and pick us up Chick fil A for lunch.  That is exactly when you decided it was time.  No sooner was he out of the driveway than my contractions picked up and I found myself wanting him there to help me through...this was before we both carried a cell phone with text messaging and all the modern ways of keeping in touch.  Thankfully his trip wasn't to long and he made it back before your grand entrance.

What joy you brought to our family as we became four.  You were such a pleasant infant, always laughing and smiling and wiggling.  I remember long before you could crawl, you would scoot around on your back, like an inch worm inching towards whatever object had caught your eye.  You were busy but so pleasant.  You fondly became our Tigger as you bounced around giggling and climbing, something you still do today.


Maybe it's having an older brother to compete with or just your unique abilities but I have always admired your confidence.  Whatever it is you go forward with the mindset that you can and you do.  You excel in most everything you try.  Currently that's computers, parkor, and a new interest in medieval reenacting.

 At fourteen, you boast confidence, yet immaturity.  One minute I feel as if I'm dealing with a man and the next a boy.  You have great big dreams and the confidence to see them through, but at times your pride prevents you from listening to the wisdom of your parents and you have to learn the hard way.  It always breaks my heart for my children to not heed wisdom and have to experience the reality of foolishness, but I know that each lesson develops responsibility and wisdom in you and molds you into the man you will soon become. 

A man that in many way already resembles so much of your father..his drive, diligence, confidence, attention to detail, desire for order and cleanliness, ability to direct others and lead...yet you are unique in your interests and abilities, specially created for a specific purpose and your father and I have the opportunity and blessing of training you up and helping to prepare you for that purpose.  Whatever the future holds in store for you I have no doubt that you will excel and be great, because your spirit is blessed with greatness and excellence.  

I love you son, for who you have always been, since the moment I knew I was expecting you, who you are now and who you will someday be.  


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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Things Thursday - Bedtime

One of our nightly bedtime routines is story time.  After I tuck my 2 youngest daughters in bed, I snuggle in with a favorite story.  Their current favorite is "Make Way For The Ducklings", a delightful story about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard settling in Boston, building their nest, and raising their ducklings.  Imagine our delight when early one foggy morning we discovered Mr. Mallard living in a neighborhood pond.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Letters To Our Daughters - February

Each month I am participating in a circle of wonderful ladies as we write letters to our daughters. Make sure to click through the link at the end and read Kelly's post to her daughter.

Little Bear,

It is such a joy to be your mother! I still remember the thrill of finding out I was having a second daughter. Your older sister went with me to the sonogram. She really wanted a sister and had been praying for you for years and she was ecstatic to call home and tell her daddy that we were having another girl! I love watching you girls play and grow in your relationships.  It warms my heart to think of all the years ahead you'll have together.

You are such a sweet, affectionate child.  You've always been our snuggle bug.  You were the first child that I wore.  For the first year you were on me constantly throughout the day.  Oh, the things we did, you and I, we went everywhere together and I loved every minute of it...the shopping, helping friends move, cooking and was you and I.   Then there were your siblings who would carry your around whenever I put you down for a brief moment.  You used to cling to them like a little chimpanzee, wrapping your arms and legs around them.  Such sweet memories!  I'm sure you don't remember but your bedroom was my closet.  The other bedrooms were so far away, and I just couldn't bear to put you on the other side of the house, so I put you in my closet and there you slept for the first couple of years.   That closeness is something you've not outgrown.  You still love to snuggle and many a morning I awake to you nestled next to me.  At times I worry about you being a middle child.  I wonder if you'll get lost in all the chaos, but as if you could read my mind you come and press in right in the middle of all I'm doing, making sure that I never forget you.  Really, how could I forget you my precious child.

Your smile melts my heart and illuminates a room. I love the beauty of your heart and your compassion that draws others to you.  That inner beauty radiates through to your outer beauty, a beauty that I find striking and has always captivated me.  I have always enjoyed photographing you because you make even the most mundane photos look lovely.  You were the child that really drew me into photography because despite my lack of skills the photos of you were always lovely, filled with your warmth and beauty.  I know that sounds a bit vain, but taking beautiful pictures of you gave me the desire to learn more and grow in photography.  I don't know that I would have had the confidence to try had I not gotten a glimpse of what was possible with you. 

You are also my deep thinker, the child who misses nothing and sees everything and asks me a zillion questions a day. Deep questions that cause me to stop and ponder how to answer. Questions that drive your siblings crazy, because you interrupt our read alouds to ask what's on your mind.  Questions that keep me in your room past bedtime.  I treasure them for it's these moments that show me the depth of your soul and possibilities before you.  For I know God has great plans for you and I am honored to be a part of the plan of raising you up into who He has created you to be. 

I love you my Little Bear. I love every moment we have together...the bed time stories and songs...the endless questions...the smiles...the snuggles...playing dress up...tea time...baking together...watching you play with your sisters...teaching you to read...and whatever each day brings.  I love you.                                                                                                                                             -Momma

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Close Up Portraiture

Each month I will be participating a blog circle with several other wonderful photographers.  You will find the link at the end of the post to continue on through our circle.  This month we are focusing on up close portraiture.  Up close portraiture gets up up close and personal with your subject and is a great way to capture the little details that we often miss from a distance.

Being a mother of 7, with the oldest being 16 I realize how quickly they grow.  I wish I could freeze time and keep them all little, but alas freezing the moment with my camera is the best I can do.  This month I focused on my baby and the moments that fill his days.

Little Man,

Every moment with you is such a joy my busy, inquisitive little man.  I love how happy you are.

You are constantly teasing me, running, giggling, and hiding behind the curtains, chair or under the table.

You favorite things to play with are your matchbox planes and helicopter.  It's no wonder you love to take flight, being that your daddy is a pilot and you have been around planes since you were born.

Did I mention how you like to eat?  You would be happy to eat every single, minute.  There is many a time I've come upon you in the kitchen, stool pulled up, butter knife in hand, with the bread, peanut butter and jelly on the counter as you attempted to make your own lunch.  Apples never last with you around, you love to eat half and then toss them aside.

I affectionately refer to you as my little mess maker, because you leave a trail in your wake.  Whether it be the pb&j or cast away apples, the crayon marks all over the walls, the water puddles on the floor, the smudges on the windows or the caked mud across the kitchen, they are all wonderful reminders of how you fill my life with joy and blessings.

Then there are the quiet, peaceful moments when you curl up in my lap or on my bed and sleep like an angel.  I could snuggle you all day long and drink in your baby sweetness that is so fleeting.

Suffice it to say that every day with you is an amazing blessing full of joy, adventure, affection and messes.  So glad you are my baby.


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