Monday, March 5, 2012

Sweet Light

Lighting!  It will make or break a photo.  It was one of the first things I began to notice, as I started on my photographic journey.  Your aperture, speed and iso all work together to let the proper amount of light into your camera to produce a creative and correct exposure.  For a more thorough understanding of this I encourage you to read Brian Peterson's Book, "Understanding Exposure".

Now that I have become aware of light, I find myself drawn to it.  I am constantly searching out areas around our home looking for that sweet light.  One of my favorite spots, is on my bed.  I have a southern window to one side and a western window on the other side.  I get good light in this room from mid morning until just before sunset.  The white duvet works as a great back drop and reflector.  

Other sweet spots around my house are my carport and screen porch, they both face east and are a great choice for morning sessions.  A southern facing school room is great for mid-day shoots, and a western facing living room for late afternoon shoots.

Here is a great article on utilizing natural light indoors.

Now go find some light!

(For information on iso, aperture and speed see my resource tab.)

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