Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We have been back for three days now and although physically my body has adjusted back to our time zone, my heart is forever changed and my head is still spinning with emotions.  Little things jolt me back to all we witnessed last week.  Just yesterday as I washed my two year old's dirty feet in the sink, I thought about all the dirty little feet running barefoot through a prison yard and how they didn't have a mother to tenderly wash the dirt from their little feet, to hug them and snuggle them in for a nap.   For a brief moment I had the privilege to hold their hands, whisper in their ears how loved they were, and give them a hug.  Now I'm back home, loving and tending to my family, yet they are still there, suffering, with no mother to care.  My heart yearns to be back there, being the hands and arms of Christ, my prayer is that wherever He has me that I will be a vessel that He can use to share His love, goodness and hope.

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  1. So sad. Just remember that God uses even these small moments of being mothered by people like you. Prayerfully the will have families.