Thursday, April 25, 2013

April - Letters to Our Sons

Each month I participate in a wonderful group of ladies as we circle up and share a letter to our sons.  Make sure to follow the link at the end and visit my friend Julie and read her letter.

"Dear Moose,

I hope you know what a special young man you are!  Your smile lights up the room.  I love your confidence and how you tackle whatever you put your mind to it.  I remember when you were just barely 4, and I came outside to find you had taken your training wheels off and had your bike up at the top of the driveway.  You hopped on and peddled hard all the way down, skidding to the side at the end just before you slammed into the garage door.  You made up your mind you were going to do it and there was no stopping you.  

I remember starting to write a story about you when you were three, unfortunately I never finished it but it began, "when you're three, all the world is an adventure..."  The story was about all the adventures you had as a toddler, scaling the back of the sofa, running around in your sisters pink boots, hiding out back as you chugged down the gallon of milk, shoot outs, safari hunts and on it went.  You were busy and imaginative.   Thankfully that hasn't changed.  The world is still an adventure to you.

Teaching you has been a delight, because you are so motivated and confident.  After years of struggling to teach your older siblings to read, it was refreshing to me as the teacher when you just picked up a book and began to read on your own without all the tedious phonics lessons your siblings had to endure.  You come to me and ask me to write reports and papers.  I love that!  

As delightful as you are, you also have your moments, as we all do.  I think most of them come from being the middle child.  You get frustrated when you can't keep up with your older brothers.  At times you get lost in the shuffle.  When the outbursts come it is a sign for me to make sure you get some one on one time with me or your father.  A little bit of love goes a  long way with you and it's not long before those dimples are beaming back at me. 

I am so thankful for you and the privilege of being your mother.  My prayer for you is that you stay true to who you were created to be and live the wonderful adventure that God has called you to.

I love you my Moose!


Now go visit my friend Julie and read her letter to her son.

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