Friday, March 22, 2013

Uganda - Preparing for the Journey

EEEK!!! One week from today my daughter and I board a plane headed for a country I know little about, yet God has ordained for us to spend a week there getting to know the people created in His image and loved unconditionally by Him.

The emotions running through me as I prepare are numerous.  On the one hand I'm excited to travel and see the world with my daughter, but on the other hand I'm apprehensive to leave the rest of my family an ocean away and venture into an unknown.  Let's face it, I'm a pampered and spoiled first world gal!  I've not been without needs ever and its rare that most of my wants don't get met.  God has chosen to bless me with so much both spiritually and physically.  Many times, more than I'd like to admit, I take these blessing for granted.  Now I'm about to enter into a third world country, where needs are too evident to ignore and I feel God is about to rock my world and stretch me as I learn to see with His eyes  beyond what we feel is important.  He is going to open our eyes to see the hearts under the physical needs.  I am confident He will equip us to nurture and love these precious souls that we meet on our journey.  I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that we will come back changed, for the good, but change makes me nervous and a bit uncomfortable.  Just the same I am ready to go, to answer my Creator's call to the purpose He has for us on this trip, to spread His love and good news to all we meet.   I am ready to have my faith stretched and trust in Him strengthened.  Ready to be emptied of myself and selfish desires and filled to overflowing with His goodness and love.  Ready to break outside of my comfort zone and experience this country, culture and people that He created.

God, here I am send me, lead me and I will follow!

Tomorrow I will be sharing just how God led us to go on this journey.

Take time to visit Sixty Feet to learn more about the ministry we will be serving with and how you can get involved here in the states.

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  1. It will be stretching in the best possible way. Looking forward to hearing more.