Friday, March 15, 2013

Letters To Our Daughters - March

Each month I participate in a circle with a lovely group of ladies as we share a letter to our precious daughters. Make sure you follow the link at the end to read Anne's wonderful letter.

 "Dear Sleeping Beauty,

 That is the name you've given yourself, although you really don't like to sleep much because you are too busy exploring, asking questions and spreading joy and happiness.  It's no doubt that our family is richer because of you.  I treasure every moment we have together. I love your decisiveness, and at times bossiness.  You really like to rule the roost.  It's evident that God created you to lead and for such a little person, you have an enormous personality.  I still chuckle at how you attempt to command your 16 year old brother.

For all your fierceness, you are also our little sunbeam, spreading cheer, bubbling over with giggles, and twirls.  Personality oozes from your every move and those twinkling, brown eyes, full of mischief and warmth.

Your grandmother says that you are a reflection of me at that age, maybe that is why my heart enjoys you so.  Somewhere along the years something dulled some of the spark in me and I lost my boldness, and individuality.  I turned inward, afraid to let the real me show.

My prayer and hope for you is that you remain true to who you are created to be.  That you don't give in to the pressure to conform, but that you stay to color outside the lines, dance like no one is watching, leap, and twirl and lead.  

I know God has great plans for my little girl and is using you even now to bless others with your sunshine.  You remind me to slow down and savor each moment, to find joy in every moment, and to stop and smell the roses.  

I love you my precious one!


Now take the time to drop in and visit Anne Canon: Anne Canon | Kansas City Photographer and read her sweet letter.


  1. Beautiful Christy! I love the way you write, so effortless :) My favorite photo this months is the one with the reflection. :)

  2. Your images are amazing! I absolutely love the umbrella and the fog!

  3. Your images are beautiful. I love the colors, the muted tones, the location and of course your beautiful “Sleeping Beauty”. What a beautiful post all around :)

  4. Your photos this month are breathtaking. I especially love the one with the small subject and reflection and the last photo. Lovely writing and work this month. I look forward to coming back in April!

  5. Beautiful letter and gorgeous images, thank you for sharing! I especially love the reflection image.