Friday, March 1, 2013

Little Things - Dreaming

As a little girl I remember dreaming of falling in love, dressing up in a beautiful dress and being the center of attention for a day...being a bride, getting married and living happily ever after.  It seems I'm a hopeless romantic, that's been blessed with a fairytale life, at least if you look at it through rose colored glasses it is a fairytale.  Despite the imperfections it's a blessed life that I'm thankful to be living.

Now I watch as my daughters dream about the future.....

What a delight to watch my youngest daughter dream as she played with my veil.  How I laughed as she demonstrated lifting the veil and kissing.  But her exclamation of, "When my mahwee Paul, then my goin' to be in charge!" was the icing on the cake.

Little by Little

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  1. These are so fun. I can totally feel the dreams of a little girl for her future. Well done.