Monday, September 16, 2013

Letters To Our Daughters - September

Summer has come and gone all too quickly and now we are headed into fall and it's time for another letter to my daughters.  Each month I get to join in with a wonderful group of ladies as we stop and savor the moment in our parenting of our girls and reflect over our journey and share.  This month I'm linking to Kelly of Real Life Photography
"Dear M.,

Your enthusiasm and joy for life just sparkle and fill my days with sunshine.  I love your impulsiveness and how you throw yourself fully into whatever it is you are doing.  I love your sunny disposition and how nothing gets you down.  In preparation of our move you asked me if we would be in our new state for your 6th birthday and when I replied yes, you asked me if you could invite all your new friends to your party.  You never doubted for a moment that you would not have new friends.  When your sister told you, that you didn't have any friends there, you simply replied, that you did, you just didn't know their names yet.  You don't let negativity settle on you, you simply meet it with optimism, I pray that will always remain a strength in your life, for what a gift optimism is.  

I love the relationship you have with your siblings.  You hold your own place with the older ones, always dishing back whatever they give you, yet adoring them all the same despite how they tease you.   When J was teasing you and told you he was more awesome because he was taller than you, you didn't miss a beat in quipping back that you were more awesome because you were tiny.  Once again you embraced who you are with confidence!  That confidence gives you such strength.  You are also a playmate to your younger brother, leading him, as a good older sister should. 

I love how carefree you are, you really could care less what others think of you. You spin and twirl to your hearts content, no matter where we are.  You leap and jump overflowing with love, laughter, and life.

I love you sweet one and I pray you will always remain confident in who you are for you are uniquely you.



  1. Oh I hope she retains her optimistic outlook on life and confidence. I love that she said she had friends in her new home she just hadn't met them yet. Beautiful images this month as always!

  2. So beautiful Christi! I love the details you're focusing on lately. You're capturing the whole story and not just a frame, and what a fantastic story it is! :)

  3. Awww, she seems like such a beautiful girl, inside and out! I'm sure she'll make many many friends in her new home! <3

  4. What a great attitude your little girl has!!! Another great letter!!!