Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Things Thursday - Bedtime

One of our nightly bedtime routines is story time.  After I tuck my 2 youngest daughters in bed, I snuggle in with a favorite story.  Their current favorite is "Make Way For The Ducklings", a delightful story about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard settling in Boston, building their nest, and raising their ducklings.  Imagine our delight when early one foggy morning we discovered Mr. Mallard living in a neighborhood pond.

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Little by Little


  1. These images are beyond beautiful! Make Way for Ducklings is a favorite of mine (I live in Boston and the statues are a popular spot to visit!)

  2. Jaw dropping- this shot is beyond stunning!
    Great job & congrats on being featured!

  3. What a wonderful book meets photography story! How lovely to have such a serene place to visit often. Lovely images! Thanks for joining today!

  4. Thank you Tamar, Gina and Kim! These are some of my favorite images to date. Of course we all know our favorite is the shot we'll take tomorrow.

  5. These are gorgeous! The last one with a full shot of the water is my favorite. If you are ever in Boston, be sure to search out the statues of the ducklings. I love the story, too. Happy to find your beautiful blog from Little Things Thursday!