Saturday, February 2, 2013

Close Up Portraiture

Each month I will be participating a blog circle with several other wonderful photographers.  You will find the link at the end of the post to continue on through our circle.  This month we are focusing on up close portraiture.  Up close portraiture gets up up close and personal with your subject and is a great way to capture the little details that we often miss from a distance.

Being a mother of 7, with the oldest being 16 I realize how quickly they grow.  I wish I could freeze time and keep them all little, but alas freezing the moment with my camera is the best I can do.  This month I focused on my baby and the moments that fill his days.

Little Man,

Every moment with you is such a joy my busy, inquisitive little man.  I love how happy you are.

You are constantly teasing me, running, giggling, and hiding behind the curtains, chair or under the table.

You favorite things to play with are your matchbox planes and helicopter.  It's no wonder you love to take flight, being that your daddy is a pilot and you have been around planes since you were born.

Did I mention how you like to eat?  You would be happy to eat every single, minute.  There is many a time I've come upon you in the kitchen, stool pulled up, butter knife in hand, with the bread, peanut butter and jelly on the counter as you attempted to make your own lunch.  Apples never last with you around, you love to eat half and then toss them aside.

I affectionately refer to you as my little mess maker, because you leave a trail in your wake.  Whether it be the pb&j or cast away apples, the crayon marks all over the walls, the water puddles on the floor, the smudges on the windows or the caked mud across the kitchen, they are all wonderful reminders of how you fill my life with joy and blessings.

Then there are the quiet, peaceful moments when you curl up in my lap or on my bed and sleep like an angel.  I could snuggle you all day long and drink in your baby sweetness that is so fleeting.

Suffice it to say that every day with you is an amazing blessing full of joy, adventure, affection and messes.  So glad you are my baby.


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  1. Beautiful images...especially love the black & white profile shots, beautiful light.xx

  2. You have so many great photos here! I love the variety and perspective you were able to achieve while remaining up close!!! The eyes in the last one are fantastic. What great clarity! The tongue licking the apple is hilarious and I believe we have a helicopter just like yours!

  3. Love that apple shot, great set!