Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Clicked It Up A Notch - September

September was a busy month both in life and photographic opportunities and finally provided me with an opportunity to capture a silhouette.  I've wanted to try this for some time, but finding a treeless, and flat location has proved difficult.  A couple of weeks ago I happened to be with my brother and his daughter at a local airport as the sun was setting.  The open runway provide the perfect flat open area I needed.  I'm looking forward to trying some more silhouettes at this newly discovered location for taking them. 
Click It Up A Notch
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  1. I love this photo! I have been wanting to try silhouettes as well but still haven't found a great spot.

  2. Oh how I love a silhouette with a beautifully painted sky. Nice work!

  3. You did a tremendous job on this silhouette. I must try doing these sometime. IT turned out great.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  4. Thank you for all your kind comments. Silhouettes really are fun :)

  5. What a beautiful silhouette! Finding the perfect location for those is tough! Looks like you found a great one!