Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Things in the Busy Times

The past week has been very busy around here, keeping up with school, meals, chores and doing it solo while my husband was on travel.  Hurray, he is back home!!!

Right now, along with the normal keeping up with life, I've got a commercial shoot in the works. I'll be doing a photoshoot for an Italian aircraft manufacturer. This is new territory for me, so I've been up at the local airport honing my skills. Capturing the technical details are a bit uninspiring to my creative soul, so I had to try and add some "artsy" to the subject. I love sunflares! They warm my soul. This job will put a nice size chunk into my fundraising efforts for our Uganda trip!   My hubby lined the job up for me and thankfully he has some great ideas for it, and will help me pull it off.  I love his enthusiasm and confidence in my hobby and skills. 
Another activity this week has been baking, made from scratch fresh pies.  This is also part of our fundraising for our trip.  Fresh pies and fruit have become a common sight in our kitchen this week.  On this note, I need to take time to read up on food photography.  This is an area my skills are sorely lacking in. 

Since I've been too busy and/or lazy to pull out the big camera, I am thankful for all the moments I've captured with my iphone, which you've probably already seen if you follow me on instagram.  

Little by Little
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  1. I love the sunflare! A commercial shoot is very exciting. Can't wait to see how the work turns out for the client. Your pie looks amazing. My dough skills are sorely lacking. ;). Thanks for linking up in this busy season for you!

  2. That pie looks divine!! Love the instagram collage, I do that all the time on my blog! Have fun with your homeschool unit - let me know if I can help in any way!

  3. Aw, I love all your instagrams and the warmth in that pear shot is lovely!
    Congrats on your commercial shoot. How exciting!!

  4. thank you for your kind words on my post! Good luck with your photo shoot!

  5. Congrats on the commercial shoot job! That is fantastic. Sometimes it is the ones that look the least inspiring to us that get us motivated to move beyond our boundaries...good luck.
    Laurie @ pride in photos