Monday, July 2, 2012

Over the weekend I used most of my hard earned $$ to purchase an UWA(Ultra Wide Angle Lens. I've been looking at these for some time and had decided on a Tokina 11-16 2.8, based on price and performance. Initially I started looking at UWAs because my husband wanted me to photograph his aircraft. Now that I have one, it has opened up a whole new world! This will definitely stretch me, since it requires much more vision and thought, than my lifestyle and portrait work. My first batch of photos with the lens reminded me of my p&s days of abstract photos of nothing in particular, with no story or point, just plain boring. I did have a few keepers. 
Sunday morning sun rise.  We were actually late for church because I was out in the yard, instead of inside getting ready. 
I really wanted a child to be walking up the path, but no one would cooperate, so I focused on the weed, instead. 
Last night's moon, reflecting off the golf course pond. 
Attempting to storytell with the lens.  The distortion with this lens is great, especially if you tilt it.

Tonight's moon, reflecting on the pond...I think I improved slightly.  Now I'm headed out with the Man Child and Moose to protect me as I capture a lone, deserted chimney, illuminated by the moonlight, at least that is my vision....UWA is making me much more adventuresome :)

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