Thursday, July 5, 2012

Grand Old Flag - Nostalgia

 Anytime I see our Grand Old Flag, waving in the breeze it evokes, emotion in me.  To think of all those who have shed their blood, that we might enjoy the freedom and prosperity that we do.  Converting these images to black and white, took me back to a time of carefree summers.      
  Remember when we were young and would run and play all day...remember the stories our parents spoke of them spending the summer at their grandparent's farm, miking the cows, and weeding the garden...remember our grandparents telling us of growing up on a farm and then fighting in the war to defend liberty?
 Our days aren't so carefree anymore, as we juggle busyness and tending to all the stuff we've been blessed with.  As parents we worry for our children's safety in a world that seems to be more dangerous and evil than when we were kids.   For my childen's sake I want to protect the nostalgia of the carefree summer.
  I want to make sure they have time to play in the warm sun, to pull the weeds in their grandpa's garden, to eat popsicles, to catch lightning bugs, to ride bicycles, to giggle, to roll in the grass, to run barefooted across the lawn, to stay outside until dark.
  I want to ensure that they enjoy the freedom of being a child, loved, safe and secure.
 For all our children let us stand for liberty in our lives.  Liberty of conscience.  Liberty from stuff. Liberty from busyness. Liberty to be real.  Liberty to trust our God to protect and defend us.  Liberty to love and be loved.

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