Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visualizing Pt 2

Although I think it is great to visualize what you want before you shoot, most times when I'm shooting my children I have to go with the flow.  In reality, "real moments" are what I want to capture and preserve for posterity's sake and why I became a student a photography. 

Here are some real moments from yesterday's shooting.

 So happy to have caught this expression of his!  Several times a day he get's excited like this.  At this moment he had just spotted his daddy driving up the driveway and was about to lunge off the bed, which is why this image isn't as sharp as I'd like.  I lunged for him as he lunged towards the window. 

 My favorite of the day!  Big sis helping little bro.
 Love to twirl!

 My daughters vision of the shoot...she wanted pictures of her "crossing the bridge", which was in reality a tree root across the yard.  Love her imagination and spunk!
 Concentrating on crossing the bridge.

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