Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Blue

This morning as I returned home from an urgent trip to the drug store to pick up antibiotic for pink eye, I noticed the sun illuminating a bit of weeds grass in the back corner of our yard. Since my normally cooperative 4 year old was stricken with pink eye and all the older kids were bummed because our plans for the day were canceled, Baby Blue was the only willing subject I could find. By the time I doctored the pink eye and dressed Baby Blue my lighting had changed, but we still captured some of what I had seen.
The biggest challenge photographing Baby Blue is that he is on the move constantly, so setting up a shot doesn't work too well, because he is gone before I can pick up the camera. Although, the weeds did keep him occupied for about 30 seconds.


I just love his long lashes.

There are so many things technically wrong with this photo but for some reason I just love the moment I captured and the feel of the photo. A good reminder that every captured moment doesn't have to be technically perfect. Grab your camera and capture the moments in your life.
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  1. What a great styled session! Love his outfit! Glad you could salvage the day in the midst of pink eye. Cute shots.