Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letters To Our Sons - June

Each month I join up with a talented to group of ladies as we share a letter to our sons.  Follow the link at the end to read what Julie has written to her boys.

"Dear Boys,

You are all growing up so quickly.  How I wish I could freeze time, right now at this moment, with all of you here.  As the 17 years have flown by since I became a mother, I know the time will pass all too quickly and in the very near future you will one by one leave the nest and venture out into this big world and the life God has for you.  

D, you at this moment struggle with becoming a man, yearning for freedom and responsibility, while at the same time realizing that life is not as easy and carefree as it once was.  It is hard for me to step back and let you make bad choices, but I know that is how you learn, so slowly I'm letting go and trusting you more, and releasing you to be who you were created to be.  Just next week you are venturing out on a trip that without God's goodness, protection and grace would leave me quivering with anxiety.  I know that it is in His purpose and plan for you at this moment, a step towards manhood, and so it's even harder for me to let you take that step...but I am.  I am looking forward to seeing how it changes you, for I know you will come back changed, wiser, more mature and more sure of the direction you should go.  Still I will treasure the last year or two I have with you here at home, under my care and I will savor each moment and pour myself into you, to nurture you and prepare you all I can in the time that remains.  I will always be here to cheer you on, encourage you forward and offer a hug and forgiveness.  You are fast becoming a man, and you make me proud.

J, you too are battling the changes that are quickly turning you into a man.  I know these changes are hard.  Be encouraged to meet the challenges with grace.  Failure is ok, is part of learning and growing.  You will always find grace here at home, from your family and from God.   You take responsibility seriously, but remember not to take on issues that are not your responsibility, for they are burdens that weigh you down and hinder you from living the joyful life God has called you to.  You have the gift of a leadership and organization and I pray these gifts serve you well.  I have no doubt that you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to, for your resourcefulness amazes me.  Stay focused on God and let His way light your path.  Cling to Him, now and stay true to Him as you grow.  Continue to serve Him with your time and you will be blessed.  Know always that I love you and you are so very special!

N, I can't believe you are now 10!  Where did the time go.  It seems like only yesterday you were a tiny babe and then a mischievous toddler, always in my fridge, running and hiding with the milk.  Your little brother reminds me so much of how you were at his age, and makes it even harder to believe how the time has flown.  Now you are precariously balanced as the center child.  Somedays you want the responsibility of your older siblings and other times you run and hide from the work and responsibility, hoping no one will miss you and call you back to your responsibilities.  Unfortunately it works too often and I find you slipping by with bad habits.  No worries, I'm determined to continue to train and nurture you, and pray you too will become a fine young man.  Your sharpness amazes me and you too are resourceful.  You love to research and report, but are easily distracted by video games.  There is not much that fazes you and you accomplish all you put your mind to.  If only I could convince you to put your mind to your chores and schoolwork with that same resolve that you've tackled diving, skate boarding, flying, etc.  As with your brother's I am encouraged, for you all have trusted in Jesus as your Savior and have hearts that desire to please Him.  I  know without a doubt that He has great plans and purposes for you.  I pray that I can continue to direct you and nurture you in His ways, and that you will always remain sensitive to His word.

Little J, you are my baby, but are growing too fast.  It has been hard watching you grow and try and keep up with you older siblings.  I know too well that you most likely are my last baby, and because of that I want to treasure every single moment with you even more than ever before.  It's why you still sleep in bed with us, and I let you get away with more mischief, because I want to keep you little longer.  I love when you cuddle in my lap and fall asleep.  I could sit there and watch your peaceful face forever.  You are determined to grow up...you worked and worked for two days straight learning to peddle a bike.  You try and help me with all the chores.  You follow your big brothers around, doing all they day, and most times succeeding.  You are also fearless, which tends to make me fearful.  I thank God, unceasingly for His intervention and protection over you.  It's just another lesson for me as Mama, in trusting and letting go...a lesson that is never ending in this parenting process, but evolves as you grow and stretches me in my faith.

In ending boys, you are each and everyone a treasure and I am so thankful for the privilege of being your Mama, of raising you up and training you.  Most days I feel as if I'm failing miserably at this Mama job, but I know God is there filling in for all my failure and weakness and you boys are forever forgiving and full of grace and together we are traveling this messy road of life, learning and growing and becoming all He has created us to be and fulfilling His purpose and shining His light and that is what family is all about.  I love you all, dearly!


Now stop by and visit my friend Julie at  Julie Harding Photography and read the letter to her son.  

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