Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Letters To Our Daughters - May

It's such an honor to participate each month with a wonderful group of ladies as we share a letter to our daughters.  Make sure to take time the time to visit through our circle by clicking through the link at the end of this post.

Dear Little Bear,

Spring is my favorite time of year, as the earth bursts forth with new life, warm temperatures and sunny days.  Childhood is so much like spring, full of life and promise, as you live life to it's fullest, exploring and questioning.  Just as I want to savor every moment of spring, I also want to treasure every moment of your childhood, for it passes much too quickly.  I love that you still snuggle with me every chance you get.  I don't love that you no longer like to wear dresses.  I love that you are carefree.  I love that we can explore together and learn together.  I love to watch you play with your sisters, following after your big sister and leading your little sister.  The three of you have something very special, a lifetime relationship that is guaranteed to grow and blossom through the years.

Now click over and visit Catherine and read her letter to her daughters.


  1. I bet she'll return to those dresses in a few years! She is growing so quickly!