Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh, So Perfect! - Marietta Birth Photography, Doula

Last night at 9:42, my amazing sister in law gave birth to the most perfect little girl and she did it all natural with me coaching her through!  While I think photographing a birth is an awesome experience, coaching someone through an intense labor is even more awesome.  This birth my primary role was coach and photography came secondary.    I grabbed a shot or two between contractions.  Also I found the hospital delivery more challenging than a home birth to photograph because of the cramped space  and abundance of people and equipment.  I did manage to perch myself up on a chair and shoot over the action.
Sunday afternoon as I was out shopping, I got the call from her that contractions were beginning. I was giddy with excitement and headed straight home to get everything in order, so that I would be out the door with a minutes notice.
At 11:00 pm I heard from her that contractions were still steady, but not any closer and she was headed to bed to try and rest. I went to bed with my phone next to my pillow. I half slept all night, waiting at any moment to get her call. When I awoke at 6 am, I was afraid I had missed it! A text a few minutes later relieved that fear as she told me she was still contracting.  We settled on a plan for me to meet her at her home at 10 am, after I had my children settled.  At 8:30 am she called and informed me that she was heading on in to be checked as things were getting a bit more intense now that she was up and moving.  A quick phone call to my mother and I was out the door with kids in tow, dropping them off with the grandparents and headed straight to the hospital.  
Her mother and her sister in law were actually her midwives. Here her mother is looking on with compassion as she embraces each contraction.
Her husband, my brother, was so attentive to her and really kept her encouraged throughout the labor and delivery.
Baby crowning as Angela's mother, has the phone on speaker for Angela's sister, who lives in CA and couldn't be there.  She is one excited Grandma!
What a proud Papa!
Could she be any more perfect?  
I am in love, she stole this Auntie's heart! 
 8 lbs 6 oz, and this amazing first time mom pushed her out in just an hour!
 She is my hero!
A long, happy day, ending with a beautiful happy family.
 I'm so thankful I was able to be there to share in this experience with you all.  I love you.
Once all was settled and Eliana was nursing contentedly, I packed up and headed home to my sleeping family, completely missing my husband's birthday, but I don't think he minded too much since he had the gift of a perfect little niece born for it! Now that I had a great night's rest, I'm ready to head back up there and soak in her sweetness.
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  1. Thanks for taking such great care of us! We love you so much.

  2. Beautiful clicks!! you captured every click very well.