Friday, February 24, 2012

Capturing The Daily

As a mother I love to take photos of my children, and that is what motivated me to persuade my husband to get me a dslr camera.  At the time I thought having a better camera would = capturing better photos.  I quickly realized that better photos evolved not from owning a better camera, but from actually knowing how to use a better camera.  The more I read and learned about photography in general and that pesky triangle of iso,aperture, and speed, and the more I practiced and applied what I'd been reading the better my photos looked. 
 I proceeded forward with a goal of capturing beautiful images of my family, so that I could capture the daily, whether it be an escaping toddler, playing with Barbie, lessons on the ipad, a nap in the crib, snuggling on Mommy's bed or reading a book....daily moments and memories preserved.   I now offer my services to you, in capturing your special moments, but I will also be sharing here, with you, the things I have learned and am learning along my journey of capturing the moments in beautiful images.

I'd be delighted to have you join me as I share what I'm working on and learning!


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